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Iren Skin

Iren Skin are Japanese cosmetics that successfully combine age-old care rituals with modern technology, setting new standards of care. The brand is characterized by such values as: honesty, safety, technology, fight for women’s equality.

Personalized cosmetics

Iren Skin is a brand that has made an attempt to create modern, effective cosmetics that will also be tailored to the needs of a specific person to some extent. The brand’s proposal is a line of face serums aimed at specific skin problems. It is possible to combine any three serums to create the right care for you.

Natural Skin Care

Iren Skin is a brand that focuses on safety, technology and nature. The brand’s specialists analysed more than 10,000 cosmetic ingredients, conducted more than 1,000 clinical trials and published more than 2,000 scientific articles. Developed and patented nano-capsuleulation technology of active ingredients ensures better absorption of active ingredients. Iren Skin cosmetics do not contain ingredients of animal origin and other potentially toxic, comedogenic or allergic ingredients.

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