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Ambling cosmetics

Ambling cosmetics are Korean dermocosmetics. The brand uses advanced biotechnology to produce safe and effective products. The brand promotes the idea of slow beauty. It is a conscious care of beauty without unnecessary haste in a thoughtful and effective way. The manufacturer uses an ingredient obtained with the involvement of probiotic bacteria. Ambling cosmetics support the maintenance of the balance (homeostasis) of the skin microbiome. This helps to maintain its healthy appearance and strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin. The skin microbiome is the totality of organisms that inhabit our skin. These organisms include bacteria, viruses, fungi and other organisms. The right proportion between these organisms is the basis for maintaining a healthy appearance of the skin. The imbalance of the skin microbiome is directly or indirectly related to skin problems such as acne or eczema. If you need more information about these or other cosmetics, write to us or call, we will be happy to help.

Natural skin balance.

The cosmetics use ingredients that are aimed at improving the natural protective barrier of the skin. They create a barrier to bacteria that harm the skin and support bacteria beneficial to the microbiome. Ambling cosmetics are suitable for both women and men. Already during the first application, there is a feeling of uniqueness of cosmetics. Three products of the brand can significantly improve the condition of the skin.

Cosmetics with probiotics

The manufacturer of cosmetics in its cosmetics uses its own nutrient medium of probiotic bacteria. The nutrient solution is obtained using the original method using traditional Korean vegetables, the so-called super foods. Probiotic bacteria were selected based on their antimicrobial activity and maintaining skin homeostasis. The brand spent three years developing this ingredient.

Our skin is inhabited by microbes, fungi, bacteria, viruses generally known as the skin microbiome. The right proportion of individual organisms affects the susceptibility of the skin to various types of changes, acne, psoriasis, rosacea. Cosmetics with probiotics affect the microbiome of the skin so that the ratio of bacteria, fungi, viruses is the most beneficial. In this way, we support the natural protective function of the skin. This is not the only benefit of using Ambling cosmetics. Cosmetics have an antioxidant effect similar to vitamin C. In addition, these Korean dermocosmetics have the ability to increase the concentration of proteins necessary to create a protective barrier of the skin. All these elements make Ambling cosmetics effective products. In tightness, we recommend this brand to a person with problematic skin.

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