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Cosmetics with green tea

Cosmetics with green tea are a good choice for people who are looking for versatile action. Green tea has numerous properties suitable for all skin types. In the case of acne skin, these cosmetics will have antibacterial, toning, soothing effects on irritations and inflammations. Green tea also has sebum-regulating and mattifying properties, which is valuable in the case of oily or combination skin. Camellia extract is also a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals. This property is used in anti-aging creams. We should easily find an eye cream with green tea. In products of this type, the ability to strengthen blood vessels and eliminate dark circles is used. To sum up, cosmetics with green tea are products with various functions that work well for all skin types. So which cosmetic with green tea will be good for me? If you do not know what to choose, call or write to us and we will help you choose a product that will provide you with the effect you care about and will be suitable for your skin type.

The effect of green tea in cosmetics

As we have already mentioned, green tea has numerous properties that make green tea cosmetics suitable for all skin types. However, for each skin type, slightly different features of the product will be used.

Green tea in acne skin care

In the case of products for this type of skin, antiseptic, sebum regulation and mattifying properties will be crucial. Green tea also soothes irritations and positively affects post-acne lesions, brightening them. The vitamins contained in green tea will also have a positive effect on reducing epidermal keratosis and minimizing redness. Cosmetics with green tea can be helpful in the case of rosacea treatment. Of course, we treat this problem dermatologically and cosmetics are only support.

Green tea in oily skin care

In the case of oily skin, we usually want it to stop shining. For this purpose, green tea uses matting properties. In addition, camellia extract has a positive effect on regulating sebum secretion. When using products with this ingredient, we work in two ways. We influence the basis of the problem, which is excessive secretion. We also eliminate the symptom of excessive shining of the skin.

Green tea in the care of mature skin
You can not ignore the properties that are perfect for mature skin. These include, above all, antioxidant activity, which will slow down the aging process of the skin. Green tea will also support skin regeneration and have an astringent effect.

The beneficial effects of green tea on the whole body have long been proven. So let’s not forget to reach for a cup from time to time, brew a good green tea, sit comfortably in an armchair or on the couch, take your favorite book and take care of a bit of relaxation.

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