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Cosmetics for Oily skin

Cosmetics for oily skin or what? Often this question seems difficult to answer. Many men and women have this type of skin. Oily skin and T-zone should not be a reason to worry. This type of skin usually ages later and is less susceptible to irritation. This translates into a wider range of possible cosmetics. In oily skin care, the right selection of cosmetics for facial cleansing plays a very important role. The products should have sebostatic properties so as to normalize the level of sebum secretion. Oily skin and skin with a T-zone require proper hydration in other parts, which we often forget about in the care of this type of skin. If you do not know what cosmetics to choose for the best results, write or call us. We will help you create a set of cosmetics that will take care of the needs of your skin.

Oily skin care

Oily skin is one of the most popular skin types. They are characterized by increased shining of the face, especially areas such as the forehead, nose or chin. The basis for caring for this type of skin is its proper and deep cleansing, moisturizing and maintaining the right pH. Oily skin care is not only cosmetics, in the case of this type of skin, stress, hormonal balance and digestive system disorders have a great impact on the condition of the skin.

How to choose cosmetics for cleansing oily skin?

When choosing cosmetics for oily skin cleansing, a common mistake is to reach for alcohol-based products. They are highly effective in the fight against shining skin. They remove a significant amount of sebum. However, it should be remembered that the skin naturally tends to create a protective layer. Aggressive sebum removal will increase its production, which in the long run is bad for oily skin. Cosmetics for cleansing oily skin should work with it. It is worth considering the use of two-stage facial cleansing. Oils for washing and removing make-up often have moisturizing, protective and normalizing sebum secretion properties. Today, the market offers a large selection of oils that do not clog pores. A water-based cosmetic applied after the oil will help clean the pores and remove any remaining impurities.

Do not skip toning oily skin

Toner is a cosmetic that restores the skin’s natural pH. Typically, this step is skipped in care due to the lack of visible signs how toner works. However, it is worth remembering that the task of this type of cosmetics is to take care of the proper pH of the skin. In the case of oily skin, too low its level can cause excess sebum, i.e. shining of the skin. Most people with this skin type want to get rid of this symptom. A symptom of toner or tonic is the absence of skin lesions.

What cream for oily skin ?

When choosing a cream for oily skin, we check its composition. Avoid ingredients that will clog pores or damage the hydro-lipid layer of the skin. It is worth betting on ingredients that harmonize with the skin or occur naturally in it. Cream for oily skin should be rich in ingredients with a moisturizing effect. One of the ingredients that meet both of these conditions is hyaluronic acid. A good cream with hyaluronic acid is a must have. Other ingredients that work well in oily skin care are: neroli oil, green tea extract, bergamot oil, rose oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil. In the case of oils, you should be cautious about using them in their pure form due to the possibility of clogging pores.

Korean cosmetics for oily skin

Luxury Korean cosmetics are a proven weapon against skin imperfections. Their advantage is to focus on a specific action and solve a specific skin problem. Korean cosmetics are often natural products with a varied delicate composition. They usually combine various functions, which translates into their effectiveness. If you do not know which cosmetics to choose, write or call us. Together we will create the perfect set of cosmetics for oily skin care that will meet the needs of your skin.


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