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Cosmetics for sebum overproduction

Cosmetics for sebum overproduction can be divided into two categories. The first is facial cleansing products. These products should be gentle so as not to remove sebum too aggressively. This natural secretion produced by the sebaceous glands is designed to moisturize and protect the skin. Too aggressive removal of sebum will encourage the skin to produce even more.

The second group of cosmetics for sebum overproduction are products that will normalize its secretion. Such properties will have both cleansing products and a properly selected cream or serum. Overproduction of sebum is a problem that is often associated with oily or combination skin. An important element of the selection of cosmetics will be the acceptance of your skin and cooperation with it. Good cosmetics for excessive sebum secretion will regulate its level and take care of the other needs of the skin. In this category you will find cosmetics with ingredients that help satisfy these functions. If you do not know which product to choose, call or write. Together we will create a set of cosmetics suitable for your skin.

Secretion of sebum – is it important?

Overproduction of sebum is quite a troublesome skin problem faced by people with oily or combination skin. This problem is important because it can cause further skin problems. Excess sebum on the face combined with dust, makeup and other impurities can effectively block pores. This will increase their visibility and may cause blackheads and pimples. An effective weapon in the fight against this type of imperfections is thorough facial cleansing. However, do not get rid of sebum by using aggressive alcohol-based preparations. Sebum is a natural moisturizing and protective layer of the skin. If we remove this layer, it will be a signal for even more production. Overproduction of sebum is a problem that can be controlled through routine and consistency.

Korean cosmetics for excess sebum

Korean and Japanese cosmetics focus on the prevention of skin problems. A good step in the care of “shiny” skin is a deep, two-stage cleansing of the facial skin. Thanks to it, you get rid of impurities, makeup residues, cleanse pores. Make-up remover oils often have a sebum-like consistency and are rich in moisturizing ingredients, which helps to create a protective layer. Asian cosmetics are rich in natural ingredients that normalize sebum secretion. You will find them in creams, serums and face toners. Skin toning is important when it comes to excess sebum, as too low a skin pH can promote overproduction. Korean cosmetics for excess sebum can also be found in the category of cosmetics for oily skin. If you do not know what to choose or you have doubts, call or write to us. Together we will create a set of cosmetics to fight excess sebum, which at the same time will satisfy the other needs of your skin.

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