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Nourishing cosmetics 

Skin nourishing cosmetics  have a very similar function as traditional nutrition. The skin is our largest organ. To function well, it needs vitamins and minerals. Skin nutrition is one of those aspects of care that we can not underestimate if we care about a holistic approach to taking care of our complexion. By providing the skin with valuable nutrients, we make it function better and, consequently, improve its appearance and overall condition.

What cosmetics to choose to nourish the skin?

Nourishing cosmetics  are rich in ingredients that provide the skin with vitamins, minerals and other valuable elements needed for a healthy appearance of the skin. These will be largely properly selected plant extracts and, for example, sea water. Nourishing eye creams are very popular. However, there are many more cosmetics with nutritional functions. Using such cosmetics, we provide ingredients that improve its natural functioning. The choice can be difficult, if you need help write to us or call us. We will help you create the perfect set of cosmetics for the needs of your skin.

Skin nutrition: what does it mean?

The skin, like many other organs, needs proper nutrition to function at its best. It is worth taking care to provide it with appropriate vitamins and minerals. Of course, skin nutrition begins with classical nutrition in the traditional sense of the word. A properly balanced diet has a significant impact on the condition of the skin, nails and hair. An additional element is the selection of appropriate cosmetics rich in vitamins and minerals, which are responsible for individual elements such as:

Vitamin C – eliminates discoloration, fights free radicals, improves skin elasticity and elasticity. Needed for proper collagen synthesis.

Vitamin A – protects the skin against water loss, supports collagen synthesis in the skin, smoothes and softens the complexion.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) – the active ingredient of many cosmetics, helps in the fight against wrinkles by reducing their visibility, lightens discolorations, regulates sebum secretion, stimulates collagen synthesis.

Vitamin E – has the ability to stimulate cells to bind water, which translates into the level of skin hydration, has antioxidant properties

Vitamin K – reduces redness, improves skin tone. In particular, it is valuable for couperose skin.

Korean skin nourishing cosmetics

The assortment offered in our store includes the best Korean cosmetics supporting the process of skin nutrition. The products are mild, natural and contain carefully selected and rich in nutritional properties substances of plant and mineral origin. Added to this is the combination of modern and advanced formulas with what has been known and valued for generations. If you need help choosing products, call us or write to us.

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