The wealth of cosmetics available on the market makes many women feel lost and at the time of purchase still do not know what to choose. Below you will find a brief description of selected groups of cosmetics. We hope that the information below will help you find yourself in the world of beauty and make it easier to buy products that meet the needs of your skin.


  1. Make-up remover oils

Make-up remover oils are used in the first and at the same time extremely important stage of Korean care. Their task is to dissolve fatty impurities such as make-up, sunscreen, excess sebum or dust and dust that settle on the surface of the skin during the day. Facial cleansing oils not only effectively remove any impurities, but also regenerate and strengthen the natural protective barrier of the epidermis. Replacing micellar liquid or make-up remover with oil has a beneficial effect on the condition of our complexion. Facial oil nourishes and moisturizes our skin, thanks to which we will avoid its irritation and dryness. The use of make-up remover oil is so important that it allows you to get rid of those dirt that a water-based facial cleanser would not cope with. Face wash oils can be successfully applied to any type of complexion, including oily skin. They are the first step in a two-step cleansing of the skin, which is ideal for the fight against acne and “oil-glowing” skin.

  1. Cosmetics for cleansing the face on the basis of water – gels, foams, etc.

Water-based cosmetics are used in the second stage of Korean facial cleansing. For this, it is best to choose the right gel for washing the face, the task of which is to remove the remnants of impurities and residues from make-up remover oil. When choosing a cosmetic based on water, pay attention to the type of detergents used in it. These can be more or less aggressive. Mild washing ingredients are responsible for cleansing the surface of the skin without causing irritation or dryness. Remember to avoid too aggressive surfactants such as SLS or SLES, as these can negatively affect the condition of our skin. Cleansing the skin is the basis for a good appearance of the complexion. If you are starting an adventure with Korean care, first of all, bet on cleansing.

  1. Mechanical and enzymatic peelings

A good solution for improving the quality of our skin is also the use of facial scrub. This one is responsible for cleansing the skin from dead skin and dirt residues. The positive effects of regular exfoliation of the epidermis include, among others: removal of blackheads, softening, oxygenation and smoothing of the skin, alignment of its tone, supporting the regeneration of the epidermis or preparation of the skin for better absorption of nutrients, applied in the later stages of care. It is important to skillfully adapt the type of peeling to the type of our complexion – for sensitive skin it is worth using enzymatic peeling, while mechanical peeling will work great as a complement to the care of normal skin. It is worth paying attention to cosmetics in which plant components were used as active substances.

  1. Tonics, toners – cosmetics to restore the skin pH

Toners are products whose main task is to restore the skin to a suitable pH, which was disturbed in earlier stages of care. A well-chosen product in this category not only effectively tones the skin, but also refreshes it, soothes and moisturizes it, and at the same time strengthens the natural hydrolip layer of the epidermis. Properly moistened skin is also better prepared for further penetration of active substances, applied in the next steps of the grooming ritual. Selected products have substances in their composition that facilitate the penetrating of the active ingredients, e.g. cream into the deeper layers of the skin. It restored to the correct pH regains its natural balance, so it functions better and is not prone to dryness or oiliness. For such cosmetics, the best proof of its effectiveness is the absence of skin lesions. Keep this in mind, many people give up this care step because they do not see the effects. This is an error. In particular, toning of the skin should be taken care of by people who are struggling with acne or overproduction of sebum. Too low pH promotes overproduction of sebum and too high is greater susceptibility to infection and the appearance of breakouts. Remember to apply toner with your hands, not with a cotton pad.


  1. Essences, emulsions

Essences and emulsions are cosmetics with a light formula and a watery consistency, which contain a concentrated dose of active ingredients. For good reason, the essence is considered the heart of the Korean grooming ritual. Its application is the first step to deep hydration of the skin. Products in this category provide the skin with what it needs most. The essence provides it with the necessary nutrients, and also promotes hydration, regeneration and protection against the destructive effects of free radicals. The facial care stage based on the use of emulsions also prepares the skin for better absorption of the active substances contained in the serum. Products of this type are recommended by people who are looking for a lightweight cosmetic that will take care of hydration and regeneration of the skin.

  1. Strong serum, ampoule

They are highly concentrated products with active action. Serums and ampoules are cosmetics that complement daily facial care. Properly selected should respond to specific skin problems. Depending on your needs, the action of the serum affects the hydration, brightening, nutrition and regeneration of the skin, supports its fight against imperfections, as well as improves tone, brightens discolorations, relieves inflammation or smoothest wrinkles. These are usually products that give visible effects after a few weeks of use. Recommended for mature and regenerating skin. It is worth paying special attention to the serum, which in its composition have components that stimulate cells for natural work and manufacture of collagen or elastin.

  1. Masks in a sheet

Masks in a sheet are products with a strong concentration of active substances and intense care properties, showing a wide spectrum of action. Their task is to provide the skin with the nesesery moisturizing, nourishing or regenerative ingredients. The material of the mask ensures good adhesion to the face, which allows for better absorption of active substances. On the market we find many types of masks in a sheet. The key to their effectiveness is to adapt the cosmetic to a certain type of complexion and its current needs. To enjoy the best effects, face masks apply well once, twice a week. These are cosmetics that also provide a moment of relaxation.


  1. Asian Eye Cream

It is a cosmetic that we cannot miss if we want to take care of complex skin care of the face. Effective eye cream provides hydration and protection of delicate skin around the eyes, prevents the formation of crow’s feet, swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Thanks to this, the skin will retain a young and radiant appearance for longer. Most eye creams are anti-wrinkle products, the primary function of which is to prevent the formation of wrinkles and late effects of aging of the skin. Korean eye creams, are very popular because of their composition. Korean manufacturers often use technologically advanced components with cellular action. Simply put, these proteins relax the muscles of the face. This results in lower tensions due to mimics, which in turn prevents the formation of mimic wrinkles. Despite the name, it is also worth using these cosmetics on the forehead and smile line. These are the places where facial expressions most often appear. It is worth paying attention to the remaining components of eye creams to be gentle, moisturizing and regenerative. This is especially important in this delicate area of the face. Eye creams are recommended for both a woman and a men.

  1. Korean Face Cream

The last, but probably the most popular cosmetic. Face cream is a very important product for daily facial skin care. A well-chosen cream primarily helps to maintain the correct level of hydration. Thanks to its application on the surface of the skin, a delicate film is created, which prevents evaporation and too intense loss of water. An effective face cream also protects the epidermis from negative external influences. Depending on your needs, face cream may also have anti-wrinkle or soothing effects. A wide range of creams can cause difficulties in its choice. First of all, we should check its composition. There are a lot of oil-derived products on the market that are better avoided. Korean face creams focus on original and effective ingredients such as plant stem cell extracts and natural oils with a large spectrum of action. Often these are exclusive products with documented effectiveness. It should be remembered that a good cream is a complement to care, it cannot be its basis. No cream will give the expected effect if we do not take care of previous stages such as cleansing and toning of the skin.