One of the elements of Korean culture is complex and extremely careful skin care. Koreans approach this issue very scrupulously, learning its principles from an early age. Smooth and radiant skin is synonymous with attention to beauty and the effect of a holistic approach to one’s own body. In the world of Korean care, great importance is given not only to products for women, but also to men’s cosmetics, which respond to the needs of a modern man.

Koreans, especially Korean women, attach great importance to daily grooming rituals. In their culture, caring for beauty is not so much a nasty duty as a real pleasure and a moment of well-deserved relaxation. Thanks to this, Korean care becomes a habit that results from caring for the body and condition of your skin. Asian women treat careful facial care as an investment in themselves, their well-being and beautiful appearance of the skin. An important part of the daily care routine is to observe and adapt the actions taken to the specific needs of a particular skin type.

Korean grooming ritual consists of 10 steps. These used together are responsible for complex facial skin care, based on thorough cleansing, toning and in-depth moisturizing, as well as protection against the influence of certain external factors. It is worth remembering that 10 steps of Korean care is just a certain scheme, which – according to the Asian philosophy of beauty – we can freely modify depending on the current needs of our skin.

10 steps of Korean skin care:

  1. Make-up remover base on oil.Korean cleansing with oil cleanser is the first and at the same time extremely important element of several-step care. It is used to remove fatty impurities, makeup, dirt, dust, as well as excess sebum.
  2. Washing your face with water-based cosmetics.Another point of the Korean grooming ritual is the use of water-based cosmetics. Korean women most often reach for facial cleanser, which is an element to the two-step cleansing of the face and supports the removal of oil residues and dirt residues.
  3. Exfoliation of the epidermis with peeling.Peeling helps to get rid of dead cells of the epidermis, and at the same time cleans clogged pores and removes blackheads. This stage of care is best used 1-2 times a week.
  4. Skin toning.The next step in Korean care is the use of a tonic that restores the skin’s proper pH, refreshes it and moisturizes it, preparing the complexion for further stages of care.
  5. Moisturizing with essence.The use of essence, that is, a light cosmetic containing a concentrated portion of active ingredients, is a complementary stage of care. The essence moisturizes the skin and better prepares it for the adoption of active substances found in the serum.
  6. Use of serum, ampoule or concentrate.These highly concentrated cosmetics have an active effect that should be adapted to the current needs of our skin. A properly selected serum can help moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin, improve skin tone, relieve inflammation or smooth out wrinkles.
  7. Applying a natural mask in a cloth.Mask in a plough is a hit of Korean care. Its use provides the skin with the necessary moisturizing, nourishing or regenerating ingredients. In addition, it is extremely convenient to use, and the effects of its use are visible almost immediately.
  8. Skin care under the eyes. This stage consists in applying a suitable eye cream. A good cream delays the effects of aging, eliminates swelling and reduces dark circles under the eyes.
  9. Application of Korean face cream.A well-chosen cream is responsible primarily for in-depth hydration and, at the same time, smoothing the skin of the face.
  10. Protection of the skin from UV radiation.This is the last step of Korean grooming. Applying a cream or emulsion with UV filter is used to protect the skin from the negative influence of sunlight.

Korean grooming rituals are not limited to the implementation of the above stages of facial care. Equally important is the selection and use of suitable cosmetics. Want to know which ones are most important? Check out our guide and learn about the products that are most commonly used in Korean care here.


Why use Korean cosmetics?

Korean cosmetics have revolutionized the European care market. What makes it worth reaching for? If we were to answer this question in two words, we would point to quality and effectiveness without hesitation. Here’s what’s behind these statements:

  • proven and natural composition.High-quality Korean cosmetics are based on selected and gentle ingredients for the skin. In vain to look there for preservatives, irritating fragrances or artificial dyes. What can we expect in return? Extracts from local plants, cherished minerals, natural oils, herbal extracts and advanced biotechnological ingredients. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
  • innovative recipes.Korean cosmetics are a masterful combination of what has been traditional and known for generations with what is modern and innovative. They owe their effectiveness not only to the use of high-quality ingredients, but also to the use of modern technology, advanced, thoughtful and carefully selected formulas.
  • comprehensive care based on a well-defined action.Cleansing, moisturizing, stressing, regeneration and perhaps effective skin nutrition? You will achieve all these effects thanks to the use of suitable cosmetics. Korean grooming rituals are based on a specific action. If you decide to choose a cosmetic tailored to a particular type of skin and its needs, you will easily get exactly the effect you expect.