Luxury beauty brands

Luxury beauty brands:

Luxury beauty brands draw attention to rich and meticulously polished compositions that ensure the highest efficiency and safety of operation. Manufacturers are looking for, testing and using highly concentrated active ingredients that no one else has used before. Thanks to this, Korea is famous for its innovation and sets trends in the cosmetic market. However, the huge competition and oversaturation of the market make it necessary to carefully select the creators and their products.

In 4 Seasons Beauty you will find luxury beauty brands that will help you take care of your face and at the same time reduce stress levels. Moisturizing, cleansing, nutrition, regeneration, toning, solace – with our carefully selected products every step will turn into a real ritual for the body and soul.

Lanbelle – Korean simple perfection at its best

Lanbelle are unique Korean cosmetics that captivate with the combination of simplicity of compositions with exceptional efficiency. It is a brand for which its creator and owner – Lanny Park is fully responsible. The origins of the Lanbelle line stand out from the history of other manufacturers. Lanny has long been looking for the best cosmetics to nurture her sensitive and delicate complexion. However, subsequent preparations turned out to be completely different than she expected. Long chemical compositions included artificial dyes and aromas, parabens, alcohol and other additives that irritated the skin. Lanna’s complexion became even more pinched and dried. Disappointed with the cosmetics available on the market, she decided to create something of her own. And so the idea of Lanbelle was born – unique cosmetics based on carefully selected ingredients that draw their strength from nature.

Lanny has already rejected many chemical additives at the outset of her research, which only superficially acted as active substances. She has long sought out the best suppliers of natural raw materials (they come from Europe and the South Pacific). Each ingredient has been thoroughly tested and analyzed for action and safety for the skin. The recipes include pure botanical extracts, captivating with the smell and action of vegetable oils and functional components. The author tested the individual products on her own skin. Initially, cosmetics went only to the business circle of Lanna’s husband, over time the brand expanded its reach and found great recognition in the markets of Asia and Europe. In Poland, the products are available from 2018 and our company is its exclusive distributor.

Lanbelle cosmetics are a line of premium products with safety and efficiency. The author herself made sure that they fit into the Korean philosophy of careful cleansing, moisturizing and regeneration of the skin. These are cleansing oils, moisturizing serums, gels and nourishing ampoules for the face creams.


Devonine – a return to the classic understanding of masculinity

The Devonine brand is a return to the classic understanding of masculinity. It equates freedom, independence and the pursuit of a better life. These elements were guided by its founder Sean Lee, making an effort to run his own company. He knew, however, that a combination of interests and work life balance would help him achieve his full life. Korean premium men’s cosmetics allow for comprehensive facial care. The formulas have been developed for barber salons, therefore, the series did not lack a cream for cleansing and shaving the face with grapefruit extracts and tea tree or a light toning mist and moisturizing cream for the face. The all in one Devonine essence is perfect for busy men who care about face care. The preparation combines the function of toner, product used after shaving , moisturizing emulsion and perfumes filled with natural aromas of tea tree.


Beaudiani – Create your own Asian Spa Ritual

Beaudiani aspires to premium brands. We chose it from many others not only because of the high quality of products, but also for promoting a responsible social attitude. Her cosmetics are not tested on animals, they are vegan-friendly, and the company itself donates to foundations that support children in need. Beaudiani is owned by a family-owned company, which has both adult and children’s products in its portfolio. However, many of her cosmetics are currently only available on the Korean market.

Among beaudiani products you can find toners, moisturizing creams or a highly concentrated serum rich in active ingredients derived from the plant world. The brand is also famous for its Korean sheet masks. These are natural materials soaked with a little carefully selected essential oils that are mild to the skin and other active substances. Such masks turn care into a luxurious SPA ritual for the soul and body. Tempting fragrances have an aromatherapy effect, soothe stress, improve sleep quality, calm and add energy, and carefully selected ingredients nourish the skin and improve its appearance. Beaudiani also offers unique moisturizing fluids with a light formula.


Luxury beauty brands from Korea – why reach for them?

Korean cosmetics, due to their rich and original compositions, effectively solve many problems such as capillary complexion, acne, overproduction of sebum or dry skin. Vegetable creams, purification and make-up remover oils, highly concentrated ampoules, serums, gels and the famous aromatherapy Korean masks in the sheet fit into the philosophy of minimalism, simplicity, perfection and respect for the skin.

Korean Premium cosmetics:

  •  will allow you to bring out your natural beauty
  •  are based on the best ingredients from the world of plants – they use the power of oils and pure botanical extracts
  • have simple compositions
  • are ideal even for dry, delicate and sensitive skin
  • are distinguished by the highest effectiveness of action
  • combine active ingredients with beautiful scents of essential oils, so they will turn ordinary treatments into real rituals of beauty.

    Discover our offer, reach for luxury beauty brands, feel their exceptional effectiveness and use their strength in daily care.