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Ekskluzywne koreańskie kosmetyki

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Więcej na temat koreańskich kosmetyków przeczytasz tutaj

Korean sheet masks

Korean sheet masks are a kind of revolutionary, originating from South Korea. This type of cosmetics  are used for comprehensive facial skin care. Their role is to provide the epidermis with the necessary moisturizing, nourishing or regenerative ingredients. Depending on the needs of our skin you can find proper mask for you. You can select a mask, the use of which contributes to deep hydration or soothing the skin of the face.  Anti-wrinkle sheet mask will help you to keep young look of the skin. Korean sheet masks are products that have a strong concentration of active substances and intense care properties. Masks in a sheet are also willingly chosen due to the tight adhesion to the face, which allows for better absorption of active substances. There are many types of Korean masks available on the market adapted to all skin types. To enjoy their effectiveness, we must remember to choose a cosmetic that meets the current needs of our skin. You will get best results once used 2-3 times a week.

They allow you to take care of beauty in a simple and effective way, which is why today it is difficult to imagine care without the possibility of using Korean masks in the sheet. The material focuses on natural plant essences that perfectly soothe, moisturize and nourish the skin. Korean sheet masks perfectly combine aromatherapy with skin care. Do you dream of a luxurious Spa in the comfort of home? The noble Damascus rose relaxes and improves mood, lavender reduces stress, tangerine and sweet orange help to calm the mind and restore energy. Choose the right oil, turn on your favorite music, relax and find your own recipe for the perfect ritual for your soul and body.

Korean sheet masks  – beautification in a few simple steps

In our shop you will find the best Korean face masks. A wide selection allows you to choose masks containing active ingredients tailored to your current needs. You can reach for your favorite oils and enjoy a unique fragrance during care. Sweet orange, honey, lavender, mandarin, or maybe rose? The choice is yours alone.

Korean masks in the sheet are very convenient and easy to use. Thanks to this, even the most busy and busy people will be able to spend a little time to effectively take care of their beauty. It takes only 15-20 minutes to relax, moisturize the complexion and prepare it for further stages of care.

Korean sheet masks – why it’s worth it?

Comfortable Korean face masks in the sheet guarantee exceptional effectiveness and the highest comfort of use. The material provides additional protection for the hydrolipid layer of the skin. Thanks to this, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, vitamins and micro-elements contained in the mask are quickly and effectively absorbed by the epidermis.

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