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Aromatherapy – this is a type of alternative medicine, which is based on smell. Many plants have a characteristic aroma. It will be difficult for us to confuse the smell of rose, orange or lavender with another plant. Aromatherapy uses these fragrances and uses their positive effects on the body. The basis are essential oils, i.e. concentrated plant extracts obtained in the process of distillation or pressing. Such oils are used in massages, baths, saunas or for inhalation, e.g. during illness. Many essential oils have a positive effect on our body, e.g. reducing nervous tension, improving well-being, reducing stress, improving the quality of sleep, transferring relief from headaches. Selected essential oils are a valuable ingredient in cosmetics. We can distinguish here, among others, antibacterial, moisturizing, delaying the aging process of the skin, strengthening blood vessels. Aromatherapy is a rich world that offers us a lot and it is worth taking a closer look at its benefits. Remember that beautiful fragrances are also an inseparable element of perfumes.

In everyday life, we already meet specialized aromatherapy clinics, which are gaining more and more popularity in Western Europe. We live more and more consciously and more often reach for natural food, move more, watch less TV. By introducing beautiful fragrances into our lives, we can do a lot of good for ourselves, our mental and physical condition.

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