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Aromatic Face Cleanser Beigic


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Skin Type: Perfect for all skin types

Consistency: Thick emulsion

Fragrance: Pleasant, relaxing

Description: Vegan facial cleanser based on plant extracts enriched with naturally obtained essential oils. The natural aroma makes facial cleansing a relaxing and refreshing ritual. The delicate formula is a combination of ingredients with cleansing, soothing and moisturizing properties provides comprehensive care.

How to use: Press a small amount of the product onto your hands, add a little water & apply to face. Rinse thoroughly with lightly warm water.

Capacity: 130ml


Additional information about Aromatic Face Cleanser Beigic

The Beigic brand uses ingredients obtained from coffee beans in its products. In the case of the facial cleansing gel, coffee bean powder was used. In combination with micellar water, hyaluronic acid and avocado oil, these ingredients will ensure perfect cleansing while ensuring smoothness, hydration and softness of the skin. The combination of essential oils obtained from bergamot fruit and mugwort leaves provides a relaxing and pleasant aroma, turning facial cleansing into a sensual experience.

Poprzednia najniższa cena: 24.00.


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