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Keep Calm Soothing Serum Iren Skin


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Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

Consistency: Liquid

 Fragrance: Neutral, lightweight

Description: A soothing face serum that is designed to “calm” your skin in two stages. The first is the reduction of skin sensitivity and redness. The second is to restore the skin’s natural moisturizing barrier. The product is a combination of avocado extract, cucumber extract, aloe vera extract and oat seed extract. It is a perfect combination of ingredients that soothe the skin of the face.

How to use: Spread one or two serum dosing pumps on cleansed & toned face. It is possible to combine the serum with one or two freely chosen types of serum from this series, so as to achieve the desired effect. Watch the video on how to use the serum here

Capacity: 15 ml


Additional information about the soothing face serum – Keep Calm Soothing Serum Iren Skin

Sensitive and reddened skin is a problem that affects many women. The soothing serum Iren skin uses dipotassium salt of glycyrrhizinic acid obtained from licorice root. This ingredient reduces skin redness and strengthens blood vessels, soothes irritations and strengthens the protective functions of the skin. Avocado extract provides fatty acids that help regenerate the skin, they also strengthen the lipid barrier of the skin. The serum contains a number of ingredients with moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. The combination of all ingredients makes the task that the Iren Skin serum should perfectly perform is to soothe the skin and “strengthen” it for the future.


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