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Treatment Essence Beigic


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Skin Type: Perfect for all skin types

Consistency: Liquid

Fragrance: Pleasant, naturaldelicately floral with noticeable notes of freesia flowers

Description: A delicate essence created to provide moisture to the skin and ensure its proper pH. Thanks to this, the skin is prepared for further stages of care and better absorbs the active ingredients of subsequent cosmetics.

To use: Apply a small amount of essence to hands & spread to cleansed face by patting gently.

Capacity: 120ml


Additional information about facial essence – Beigic Treatment Essence

The essence is a combination of six different peptides, whose task is to stimulate the natural regeneration processes of the skin. Peppermint extract is designed to add energy to the skin and improve its color. The remaining ingredients have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Restoration of proper skin pH minimizes the occurrence of skin lesions.


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