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Blessing Of Sprout Calming Trial Kit Hayejin


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Skin type: suitable for all skin types

Test set of cosmetics of the Korean brand Hayejin. The set includes five products that provide comprehensive care for tired and irritated skin.

  1. Gel
    It perfectly removes impurities, cleanses pores, soothes and creates a moisturizing barrier on the skin.
  1. Toner
    Delicate toner that soothes and adds radiance to the skin.
  2. Eye cream
    A gentle eye cream aimed at combating the signs of skin aging. Rich in moisturizing, nourishing & slowing down skin aging ingredients
  3. Serum
    A concentrated formula whose task is to provide intensive hydration to the skin while taking care of its soothing.
  4. Face cream
    Face cream designed to strengthen the protective barrier and hydration of the skin.

The soothing cosmetics test set is an ideal proposition for people who want to test individual products of the brand. It is also an excellent set that is a quick treatment that soothes the skin.


Hayejin is a cosmetics brand originating from Korea. The brand focuses on creating products that provide the skin with intensive care and a healthy glow. The name “Hayejin” comes from Korean and means “bright, beautiful and healthy”. This brand places great emphasis on natural ingredients and uses traditional Korean production methods to create unique cosmetic formulas. Trial Kit Hayejin will give you chance to check products from Blessing of Sprout series.


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