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Clear Up Anti-Blemish treatment Iren Skin


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A set of face serums dedicated to the fight against acne. The set includes:

CLEARER DAYS Anti-Blemish Serum – its task is to eliminate acne and regulate the level of sebum secreted GLOW-GETTER Renewal Serum – a serum aimed at smoothing the skin and reducing the visibility of pores

KEEP CALM Soothing Serum – helps calm skin inflammation and reduce redness

Individual products can be used separately or combined with each other for the desired effect.

Volume:  3 x 5 ml

Watch the video on how to use the serum here


Learn more about Clear Up Anti-Blemish treatment Iren Skin

If your face has blemishes, breakouts and similar changes, this set of serums will be right for you. The Japanese cosmetics brand Iren Skin is a combination of the power of nature and modern technology.  Serums included in the set combines ingredients with the following effects: regulating sebum secretion, improving skin tone, soothing and reducing redness. The serum can be used alone or by combining a few drops on the hand and spreading them on the face. We use cosmetics on cleansed and toned facial skin.


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