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Softening Infused Mask Beigic


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Skin Type: Perfect for all skin types

Texture: Delicate, creamy

Fragrance: Pleasant, gently floral

Description: A gentle skin softening mask with a rich botanical composition. Beigic reaches for modern ingredients in its products This time the mask contains acacia peptide, which has a moisturizing effect and retains water in the skin. Thanks to this, the skin remains firm and elastic. The product has been enriched with as many as twenty-two botanical ingredients with a strong and varied effect, which will help maintain a healthy appearance of the skin for longer.

How to use: Apply mask to cleansed face & spread to face. Leave on for a few minutes, then wash off slightly with warm water.

Capacity: 75ml


Additional information about Softening Infused Mask Beigic

Delicate mask with a subtle fragrance, rich in active ingredients with different effects. Individual extracts used in the cosmetic will ensure proper hydration and softness of the skin, strengthen its protective barrier while ensuring nourishment and smoothness of the skin. The creamy texture and pleasant aroma promote the pleasure of using the cosmetic, turning the routine into a moment of home spa.


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