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Clearer Days Anti-Blemish Serum Iren Skin


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Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

Consistency: Liquid

 Fragrance: Neutral, lightweight

Description: Anti-acne face serum. The product works in three ways: it fights excess sebum, soothes irritated skin and protects it against the formation of new pimples. The effect is achieved thanks to the combination of ingredients with antibacterial, soothing, regulating sebum secretion and inhibiting the growth of microorganisms contributing to the formation of acne.

How to use: Spread one or two serum dosing pumps on cleansed & toned face. It is possible to combine the serum with one or two freely chosen types of serum from this series, so as to achieve the desired effect. Watch the video on how to use the serum here

Capacity: 15 ml


Additional information about the Clearer Days Anti-Blemish Serum Iren Skin

The action of the serum is based on three stages. The first is to combat excessive sebum secretion, the second to soothe irritated skin and the third to protect against the appearance of pimples. A gentle and effective treatment aimed at reducing pores, cleansing the skin and restoring the balance in sebum secretion without drying the skin. One of the basic ingredients of the serum is niacinamide. An ingredient with versatile properties, it affects the normalization of sebum secretion, has anti-inflammatory and healing effects on acne-prone skin. Another important ingredient is the marsh meadow extract, which has the ability to inhibit the growth of key microorganisms in acne. Aloe vera extract will provide the skin with adequate relief and a protective layer. With the Iren Skin serum, acne will become history, but you should not overlook skin cleansing, which plays an important role in the care of acne-prone skin.


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