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Cosmetics for Acne skin

Cosmetics for acne skin should focus on solving the root of the problem. Acne skin, as the name suggests, is prone to acne lesions, blackheads, small pustules. In the case of this complexion, proper care plays a particularly important role. It should focus on thorough cleansing of the skin and pores. It is equally important to maintain the proper pH of the skin. You should definitely avoid cosmetics that clog pores and degreasing products based on classic alcohols. This approach will provide temporary improvement, but the problem will return with redoubled force. In this category, we have collected the best cosmetics for acne skin available in our store’s offer. Here you will find a cream, serum, sheet mask and toner rich in active ingredients suitable for acne-prone skin. If you still do not know what to choose, write or call us and we will create a dedicated set of cosmetics for  that will take care of the needs of your skin.

Acne-prone skin care

Acne skin is one of the most troublesome skin types. It is characterized by visible inflammation and skin changes in the form of pustules, pimples and blackheads. The basis for the care of this type of skin is the use of products that deeply cleanse and restore the skin’s proper pH level. Aggressive alcohol-based cosmetics should be avoided. They bring temporary relief, but dry the skin and encourage it to increase the production of sebum. This usually translates into clogged pores, which is the first step to the appearance of pimples.

An important element in acne skin care is to restore the proper pH of the skin. Too low pH can promote excessive sebum production. Too high pH often promotes the appearance of pimples and increases susceptibility to infections.

Why is it worth reaching for Korean cosmetics for acne skin?

When looking for the right products for acne skin, we should carefully analyze the composition of the product. It is also worth avoiding stereotypical thinking. Not every face wash oil will clog and not every alcohol will dry out the skin. First of all, we should look for products that act on the source of the problem not only on the symptoms. Korean cosmetics are highly effective in the fight against specific skin problems. These are innovative products using natural ingredients and reaching for the latest technology in the cosmetics industry. Korean cosmetics for acne skin will normalize sebum secretion, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They will thoroughly cleanse pores and take care of the proper pH of the skin.

What ingredients should be contained in cosmetics for acne skin?

Below we have collected a few ingredients that work well in acne skin products.

Chamomile oil – has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties,

Oat seed extract – a mild natural ingredient with skin-strengthening and soothing benefits

Baikal thyroid root extract – has antimicrobial activity

Aloe vera leaf extract – soothing and anti-inflammatory effect

Green tea extract – antibacterial, disinfecting, cleansing and protective effects

Of course, there are many more ingredients suitable for acne skin. If you do not know what products to choose or you do not have time and head for this. Write to us we will create a set of cosmetics for acne skin.

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