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Exfoliation cosmetics

Exfoliation cosmetics which works on epidermis can significantly improve the condition of the skin. Properly selected facial scrub works in many ways. It lightens discolorations and evens out skin tone, supports the natural regeneration of the epidermis. In addition, it reduces fine wrinkles, removes blackheads, as well as softens, oxygenates and smoothes the skin. If you dream that your skin will remain in good condition for years, face scrub is a must have for your beautician. Exfoliation is an essential step in skin care. It involves the use of peeling, whose task is to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating cosmetics can work on a mechanical and enzymatic basis. In this category, we have collected cosmetics with epidermal exfoliation, which do it in a gentle way. These are largely cosmetics based on natural ingredients. If you can’t decide, call or email us for more information.

Types of facial scrubs

Face scrubs can be divided into three types, namely:

Mechanical peeling – it contains particles that will remove dead skin cells during facial massage. This type of peeling requires facial massage because its action is based on abrasion. In the case of this type of cosmetic, we also often find body or scalp scrubs. Mechanical peeling can be associated as an old-fashioned cosmetic. Nothing could be further from the truth Currently, mechanical peels or peeling masks are cosmetics with advanced formulas using particles of various structure. We can easily find scrubs with different thicknesses of abrasive particles. From very fine grains to thicker crystals. The whole is complemented by other ingredients with different effects.

Enzymatic peeling – as the name suggests, these are peels based on the action of enzymes. It is based on the principle of dissolving dead epidermis. Enzymatic peeling is usually based on delicate plant enzymatic components. Therefore, this type of cosmetic is suitable for all skin types.

Chemical peeling – peeling based on AHA, PHA, BHA acids. Usually, in the case of this type of peeling, a several-week treatment is carried out. These are peels in which there is a different concentration of acids, which allows you to choose a chemical peel for the right type of skin.

Peeling is the third step in the Asian beauty ritual. When looking for cosmetics for this treatment, it is worth paying attention to those from South Korea or Japan.

Face peeling – when and how often to do it?

Exfoliation is an important stage of care, which is performed immediately after cleansing, and before applying toner and moisturizing or nourishing cosmetics. This is important because the role of exfoliation is, among other things, to prepare the skin for optimal absorption of valuable ingredients found in other products. Removal of dead cells and gentle stimulation of skin circulation will result in better absorption of active ingredients. Facial scrub does not need to be done every day. It is worth observing your skin to recognize its needs well. In general, it can be taken as a rule that exfoliation is best done 1-2 times a week.
Remember to adjust the facial scrub to your skin type or the type of skin problems. Do you have sensitive, couperose or problematic skin? Enzymatic peeling will be more advisable to minimize the risk of irritation of the delicate epidermis. For oily, normal or combination skin, both mechanical and enzymatic peeling may be suitable. If you need a consultation, call or write to us.

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