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Cosmetics gift sets

In this category, we offer gift sets of cosmetics for every occasion. All sets are hand-made in aesthetic packaging. By buying cosmetics in a set, you also get a better price. Most importantly, you save time by ordering a ready-to-donate product from us. It is possible for us to prepare personalized sets. We will adjust the selection of cosmetics to your skin type, age and price range. For this purpose, we invite you to contact us by phone or e-mail. We offer gift sets of cosmetics for men and sets of cosmetics for women. Each kit can be targeted at solving a specific skin problem or tailored to your skin type. By buying a set of cosmetics for yourself, you provide yourself with comprehensive care and you do not have to look for products, we will do it for you. You can spend the time you save on a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Japanese and Korean cosmetics are very effective and will be an original proposition that will surely surprise the recipient.

Cosmetics gift sets for every occasion

Aesthetically packaged cosmetics are a great gift idea for most occasions. They are perfect for birthdays, name days, mother’s day, boyfriend’s day, women’s day and many other occasions. If you need personalization, just call or write, we will definitely come up with something together. You can select the products or specify the amount up to which the products will be selected by us. All our cosmetics are original, effective and gentle on the skin. Korean and Japanese cosmetics are an original gift with which you can surprise the most demanding person.

Gift set for her or for him

We offer both cosmetics for women and men. In the case of women, the possibilities are endless. We can create a set of cosmetics for a specific skin type, e.g. a set of cosmetics for acne-prone or mature skin. The more you know about the needs of the person you want to give a gift to, the more you know. In the case of a gift for a man, the possibilities are a little smaller. Call or write and we will discuss all the possibilities.

Cosmetics gift sets for buniness partners or employees

We offer personalized gift sets for employees or business partners. The sets can be packed in aesthetic boxes with the company’s logo. We will adjust the sets of cosmetics to your individual needs. Tell us what your budget is and what you care about, and we will suggest two options. We cooperate with other companies, it is possible to combine a set of cosmetics with other products so that employees or business partners feel special. Korean and Japanese cosmetics are original and unique and are sure to bring joy to an employee or business partner.

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