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Japanese cosmetics

Japanese cosmetics – a group of cosmetics originating from the Land of the Rising Sun. They are distinguished above all by very good quality, effectiveness and safety. Japanese face care products are based mainly on natural, plant ingredients. The local cosmetics industry combines the benefits of nature and traditional recipes with innovative solutions. When designing cosmetics, great importance is attached to compliance with strict safety requirements. The use of advanced technologies and modern methods makes Asian cosmetics highly effective. Japanese cosmetics allow you to solve specific skin problems. Products from the Land of the Rising Sun are the basis of Japanese j-beauty care. This one focuses primarily on prevention. It is also important to meticulously take care of the key stages of the morning and evening care ritualIf you need help choosing products from this category, write or call us. We ship products across Europe.

Japanese skin care – harmony and consistency

The Japanese passion for harmony of body and mind translates into care for one’s own health and skin. Skin care, as in other Asian countries, focuses on prevention and consistency. Here are some rules of Japanese facial care that are worth considering:

Double cleanse: The Japanese believe that double cleansing is crucial for getting clean skin. The first step is to remove makeup and impurities from the surface of the skin with make-up remover oil. The second step is to thoroughly cleanse the skin with a foam or facial cleansing gel.

Creams and lotions: Creams and lotions are key products in Japanese skin care. They are usually used after emulsion to fix moisture in the skin. In Japanese skin care, preference is given to creams and lotions that contain natural ingredients.

Masks: The Japanese love sheet masks. Sheet masks help provide the skin with an extra dose of nutrients and hydration. They are usually used once or twice a week.

Massaging: Massaging your face is crucial in Japanese skin care. Massaging helps improve blood circulation, boost the lymphatic immune system and reduce swelling.

Sun protection: Protection from harmful UV rays is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. In Japanese skin care, preference is given to products with a high SPF, as well as headgear and protective clothing during prolonged exposure to the sun.

Remember that Japanese skin care requires patience and regularity.

Which Japanese cosmetics to choose to start with?

When choosing the right Japanese cosmetics to start with, it is crucial to understand the needs of our skin. This approach should be guided not only when choosing Japanese products, but also for any other cosmetic line. In the context of products from the Land of the Rising Sun, it is worth focusing on identifying the individual needs of the skin.

The range of cosmetics available in our online store is focused on effective solutions to specific skin problems. It is worth noting that these products have been carefully selected to ensure high effectiveness. With an approach based on the analysis of skin needs, you can easily choose the right Japanese cosmetics that will meet your expectations and bring measurable results.

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