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Ekskluzywne koreańskie kosmetyki

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Hayejin cosmetics

Hayejin is a Korean expression that means “Heart as deep and beautiful as heaven.” Korean Hayejin cosmetics are vegan products and effective and at the same time delicate. HAYEJIN creates cosmetics inspired by nature, believing that the natural vitality contained in them provides both protection and beauty through harmony and balance. Korean skin care contains a number of important nutrients that help balance and strengthen the complexion. Products with pleasant consistencies, easy to use. Cosmetics repeatedly awarded on the Korean market. They were created from ingredients classified green on the EWG scale. Hayejin cosmetics are products suitable for all skin types. The brand’s offer includes the Blessing of Sprout line, these are cosmetics with a beautiful fragrance and delicate consistency. Cosmetics contain extracts of sprouts and lotus. The second series of cosmetics is RiceFila, which combines ingredients of rice origin and vegetable protein. Fermented rice bran oil and other ingredients provide valuable antioxidant, protective and moisturizing properties providing comprehensive care.

Hayejin Blessing of Sprout cosmetics series

A line of cosmetics containing five ingredients that activate the skin and four sprout extracts. Extracts obtained from sprouts contain much larger amounts of active ingredients than those from leaves or stems. The rich composition of cosmetics translates into their effectiveness. Hayejin cosmetics are made from ingredients found in nature using as few artificial chemical ingredients as possible so that your skin can fully benefit from the purity and power of nature. The Hayejin Blessing of Sprout line is also distinguished by a beautiful original fragrance with floral notes of freesia.

Hayejin RiceFila cosmetics series

A series of brand cosmetics based on rice ingredients and filagrin. It is a proprietary solution of the brand. The combination of cold-fermented rice bran oil and vegetable protein translates into many cosmetic functions. Rice bran oil contains gamma oryzanol, which is a powerful antioxidant, slows down the production of melanin, nourishes the skin, protects against UV radiation, suppresses the formation of erythema. The remaining ingredients have equally rich properties. All this makes the brand’s products effective and provide the skin with a number of benefits. Hayejin RiceFila cosmetics are delicate products with a subtle fragrance, suitable for all skin types.

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