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Cosmetics for Capillary skin

Cosmetics for capillary skin are always selected with due care. Capillary skin is not one of the basic skin types. It is thin and delicate with fragile blood vessels prone to rupture. Capillary skin care requires cosmetics that strengthen blood vessels and eliminate the influence of irritants. In this category you will find selected cosmetics for capillary skin. Cream, serum, toner or mask in a sheet are products in which active ingredients suitable for couperose skin are used. Most of the products collected in the category can also be classified as dermocosmetics for capillary skin. These products are delicate and effective. Products collected in this category will be rich in ingredients that strengthen blood vessels and reduce redness. These will be cosmetics that improve the skin’s resistance to irritants. If you need help in choosing cosmetics, call, write to us or take advantage of a free consultation.

Korean care of capillary skin.

Korean cosmetics are aimed at solving specific skin problems. A very conscious customer places high demands on Korean manufacturers. This translates into high efficiency and very delicate compositions of Asian cosmetics. Cosmetics from the country of the rising sun are very often natural products. In addition, Korean capillary skin care focuses on the sources of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Korean cosmetics in the care of capillary skin

Choosing exclusive Korean cosmetics is the best way to eliminate troublesome problems of couperose skin. Products of this type are natural and aimed at avoiding irritation, which is the key to restoring balance to your skin. Take care of its comprehensive care by opting for cosmetics that effectively reduce redness and significantly improve its elasticity.

Capillary skin care

Remember that skin care is not only about appropriate cosmetics. Avoid factors that negatively affect capillary skin. Such factors include excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea and hot spices. It is good to avoid washing in hot and ice water. Using cool or lukewarm is a good step. In the case of cosmetics, it is worth being guided by the composition. It is worth betting on ingredients that strengthen blood vessels and support the protective barrier of the skin.

Active ingredients for capillary skin

Are you wondering what ingredients to look for in cosmetics? Below we present selected ingredients with a beneficial effect on this type of skin.

Sweet orange peel extract – strengthens blood vessels and improves their elasticity

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate – an ingredient obtained from licorice root. It eliminates skin redness and strengthens blood vessels. It has an antioxidant effect and supports the defensive functions of the skin.

Rutin – a natural ingredient that strengthens blood vessels.

Frankincense oil – has a firming effect and has the ability to reduce dilated blood vessels.

Rosemary oil – has a sealing effect on blood vessels.

Horse chestnut extract – has a protective effect on blood vessels.

Wine extract – protects blood vessels and protects the skin from UV radiation

It is worth paying attention to ingredients such as pennywort and witch hazel. If you do not have the time, knowledge or strength and do not know what cosmetics to choose, do not worry. Write or call us and we will create a set of cosmetics for capillary skin that will meet the needs of your skin.

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