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Cosmetics for dry skin

Dry skin is relatively light, thin and rough. Sensitive to water and soap. It is aging relatively quickly, so it is worth thinking about it earlier in the approach of prevention rather than cure. Dry skin can increase with age. In the care of dry skin should avoid hard water, do not use aggressive soaps. An important element of care is the use of emollients for bathing. It should be remembered that dry skin affects the whole body. For faces, we focus on moisturizing cosmetics.

Dry skin is a type of complexion that is characterized by reduced sebum production and a tendency to premature aging. If you are struggling with its symptoms, include safe and natural products with an intense moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect in your daily care. In this category we present luxury Korean cosmetics for dry skin.

How to care for dry skin

The basis for caring for dry skin is to provide it with safe and effective moisturizing and regenerating ingredients. Choose toners, creams and other preparations that will hydrate your complexion and protect it from excessive water loss. Daily care is applied to cosmetics with anti-wrinkle effect. Products in this series will not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but also improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Do not forget about in-depth facial cleansing, which is the first and one of the most important stages of care. To supplement it, use products with a soothing and nourishing effect.

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