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Skin regenerating cosmetics

Skin regenerating cosmetics, contrary to appearances, are intended for people with different skin types. Skin exposed to strong irritants, e.g. air conditioning, hard water, requires regeneration. Of course, with age, we increasingly reach for stronger cosmetics. Skin regeneration is, in a nutshell, active stimulation of natural processes of its renewal. With age, the level of collagen content and growth factors in the skin decreases. The skin loses its firmness and elasticity and wrinkles are formed. Such cosmetics contain ingredients that stimulate the natural processes of collagen and elastin production and the multiplication of skin cells. These include extracts from plant stem cells, skin growth factors, peptides and selected plant extracts. You will get visible effects after just a few weeks of regular use. If you do not know which cosmetic to choose, call or write. Together we will select cosmetics with a regenerating effect suitable for your skin type.

Skin regeneration – how it works?

Regeneration of the skin, and in fact the epidermis, is one of the most important processes that are responsible for maintaining a young and healthy appearance of the skin. Improvement of firmness and elasticity, clear reduction of wrinkles, the effect of smooth and radiant skin – these are just a few of the visible results of increased renewal of the epidermis. It is worth reaching for regenerating cosmetics even if we do not see clear signs of skin weakness. Microdamages are not visible to the naked eye, but they are the basis for the formation of wrinkles, inflammation and other skin changes. Regular stimulation of natural regeneration processes delays the appearance of wrinkles and protects the skin against other skin changes. How to stimulate the skin so that the natural processes of its reconstruction are stimulated?

Korean cosmetics for skin regeneration – a hit

When it comes to skin regeneration, Koreans know a lot about it. Seoul is a city with almost 10 million people. Crowding, smog, stress are the price that Koreans pay for high technological development. All these factors adversely affect the skin. Korean cosmetics for skin regeneration are thoughtful formulas based on natural innovative ingredients. In combination with new technology, this results in high quality products. Cosmetics stimulating the production of collagen and elastin achieve high efficiency. One of the natural ingredients that we find in Korean regenerating cosmetics is centella asiatica. This is due to its diverse functions and high efficiency. Cosmetics with adenosine, peptides, licorice extract or spirulina will also be a good choice. Of course, there are many more beneficial ingredients with a regenerating effect. If you can’t make up your mind or just don’t know anything about it, write to us or call us. We will choose regenerating cosmetics suitable for your skin.

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