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Ampoule – in the cosmetic industry, the ampoule is usually associated with a small capacity of the product and its high concentration. While in the second case this is usually the case, small capacity is a relative concept. The original meaning of the word meant glass packaging used in medicine to store medicines with a capacity of between 1 and 20 ml. In cosmetology, ampoules are a separate category of products. In general, these are products that significantly improve the condition of our skin. The first association brings to mind a single use, but often cosmetics of this type are equipped with a pipette, thanks to which we take a few drops of the cosmetic. The high concentration of active ingredients provides the skin with nourishment, hydration and fights the signs of its aging. Ampoules are effective products that, when used regularly, give visible results. It is also necessary to distinguish professional preparations used in aesthetic medicine clinics and beauty salons, this is another category of ampoules. If we want our skin to look younger, we should introduce this type of product to our beauticians.

Is it worth it?

The price of products is relatively high, often reaching tens of euro. However, it is worth focusing on the quality of cosmetics of this type are often able to provide a result at the level of cosmetic procedures. If we do not take care of care at home, we will more often visit beauty salons where valuable services are similar. Therefore, it is worth reaching for ampoules to see their effectiveness. It can be an effective alternative without leaving your home.

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