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Boutijour cosmetics

Boutijour cosmetics is a Korean premium brand based on natural ingredients of high efficiency. These are Korean lifting cosmetics, i.e. aimed at eliminating the signs of skin aging. The aging process is an adventure, not a sad reality and necessity, as the manufacturer declares. After analyzing different skin types and identifying common skin problems, the brand focused on solving them. Boutijour cosmetics, in addition to lifting the skin, improve its hydration, firmness and elasticity, eliminate wrinkles and improve its color. However, lifting and anti-aging is not only about proper skin care. It is also challenging yourself to find the right lifestyle that leads to its fullness. This is the philosophy of the Boutijour brand. The brand’s offer includes, among others, lifting masks in a sheet, serum, cream, scrub and eye pads. If you do not know if this brand is suitable for your skin, write or call, we will be happy to advise you.

Boutijour Korean lifting cosmetics

One of the elements that the Boutijour brand emphasizes in its products is the lifting effect. So what? This is often confused with anti-aging activities. Lifting often refers to medical treatments and aesthetic cosmetology. Such treatments are designed to reduce sagging skin. Lifting cosmetics will therefore tighten the skin. Anti-aging cosmetics prevent the appearance of wrinkles through various mechanisms. The Boutijour product line includes a chin lifting mask, a lifting mask in a sheet, a lifting cream and a lifting serum. They use numerous ingredients with a lifting effect, such as: green and red tea extract, Aniba tree oil, Japanese camellia extract are astringent ingredients. Centella Asiatica extract, Volufiline are ingredients that have the ability to support collagen synthesis in the skin. Japanese knotweed root extract, which has a blocking effect on substances that cause collagen breakdown. Of course, these are just a few components, Boutijour lifting cosmetics are also rich in moisturizing, antioxidant and nourishing ingredients. Ingredients with a skin-tightening effect can also be found in other products of the brand.

Cosmetics for beauty salon and home care

Boutijour is a brand that uses its products for developed care rituals. These are gentle treatments aimed at relaxation and using Gua Sha stone massage. Beauty salons use masks in a sheet for application after various types of treatments. This makes Boutijour a Korean brand of lifting cosmetics, which will be used both as cosmetics for SPA or beauty salon as well as in home care routine. If you run cosmetics salon contact us to get B2B conditions.

Conscious beauty – Boutijour’s brand philosophy

Korean luxury cosmetics have a lot to offer. However, more and more often the key element on which we focus is the brand’s philosophy, its approach to animals and environmental protection, as well as the effectiveness of products. In the case of Boutijour cosmetics, the manufacturer takes care of:

– Botanical basis of products

– Cosmetics suitable for all skin types

– Safety and effectiveness of cosmetics

– Combining technology with nature

– Environmental friendliness in the form of glass and biodegradable packaging.

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