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Beaudiani cosmetics

Beaudiani – is a Korean cosmetics brand that has its roots in aromatherapy. Beaudiani is a brand founded by a mother and three sons. The idea behind the creation of the brand was to create cosmetics that can be shared with the family. The brand focuses on natural plant extracts and cosmetics with a certificate of vegan products. The Beaudiani brand offer includes moisturizing cosmetics, masks in a sheet, face mists and other high-quality products. The brand is gaining more and more popularity on European markets.

Beaudiani is a Korean cosmetics brand, gaining popularity in Europe. Beaudiani cosmetics are based on natural ingredients, not tested on animals and certified as vegan cosmetics. The brand has a wide range of products, including a moisturizing line of four products, aromotherapeutic masks in the sheet positively affecting the skin and mind, masks in pumpkin and honey sheet, and refreshing facial mists for dry and oily skin. Beaudiani donates a portion of her income to charity, which shows her high social responsibility. We invite you to get to know Beaudiani cosmetics in our online store.

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