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Ekskluzywne koreańskie kosmetyki

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Skin soothing cosmetics

Skin soothing cosmetics are delicate products intended primarily for extremely sensitive or vascular skin. Cosmetics of this type are rich in delicate ingredients that calm the skin. Such products also work well for other skin types. In situations of skin irritation by, for example, air conditioning, sun, smog, dust and dirt, temperature changes, it is worth reaching for skin soothing cosmetics. We can say that these are SOS cosmetics for special tasks. Moreover that soothe the skin often strengthen the walls of blood vessels, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In this category you will find products that have unique, simple, natural compositions and versatile and safe action. Cosmetics are rich in ingredients classified as green on the EWG scale, i.e. the safety scale of individual ingredients. This scale is often used by Asian cosmetics manufacturers. Korean cosmetics that soothe the skin are also perfect for redness. Thanks to the use of soothing ingredients and strengthening the natural protective barrier, we act in two ways. On the one hand, we soothe the skin, and on the other, we help to strengthen it. If you need help in choosing, call or write, we will choose a set of soothing cosmetics suitable for your skin.

Skin soothing cosmetics or SOS cosmetics

They are natural, gentle to the skin, have a calming and calming effect. Soothing cosmetics are a group of products that are particularly appreciated by owners of delicate and sensitive skin, as well as people who are struggling with troublesome skin problems, such as psoriasis or eczema. Of course, cosmetics of this category are suitable for all skin types. Sometimes you may come across the common name: SOS cosmetics what does it mean? The skin is often exposed to various irritants and adversely affecting it. It can be high temperature, low temperature, smog, air conditioning or excessive exposure to the sun without a filter. In such cases, skin soothing cosmetics come to the rescue.

Care for irritated, reddened skin

Redness and irritation are problems faced by owners of sensitive and couperose skin. Even if we do not own this type of skin, we can find ourselves in a situation after which our skin will require deep relief. It is worth having products of this type for such occasions in the cosmetic bag.

How will the proper care of irritated and reddened skin be?

The first step to do is to stop cosmetics that can exacerbate the problem. Weakened skin may be harder to tolerate makeup and more aggressive skincare products. The second stage will have a soothing effect on the skin. It is worth using cosmetics rich in ingredients with such an effect. One of the basic ingredients with this effect is aloe vera. Ideally suited here mask in a sheet with this ingredient. The third stage will be to choose the right face serum and face cream that will allow the skin to return to its natural state.

Korean soothing cosmetics

By choosing a delicate face cream and serum of Korean production, we focus on natural and effective compositions. Korean manufacturers place great emphasis on the mildness and effectiveness of products. Many Asians are exposed to smog, dust and dirt every day. The delicate paper complexion of Korean women requires special care. Hence, Korean soothing cosmetics are rich in delicate ingredients with soothing and regenerating effect on the skin. If you do not know which product to choose, call us or write to us. Together we will create a set of soothing cosmetics that will meet the needs of your skin.

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